Sunday, July 15, 2018


Critic's Rating: 3.5/10 

Hotel Artemis Story: Set in a dystopian, riot-torn Los Angeles, the film follows a nurse (Jodie Foster) who runs a secret, members-only emergency room for the criminals. The existing tension escalates when the most dangerous crime lord (Jeff Goldblum as the Wolf King) shows up at the hotel, wounded. 

Hotel Artemis Review: Dark, brooding and eerie — Hotel Artemis is a suspenseful and atmospheric crime thriller that works on your mind but fails to build upon the tension created. Boasting of some compelling performances led by Foster, the film manages to up your intrigue but struggles to maintain it. Set within the four walls of the hotel and revolving around a handful of notorious characters with mysterious motives, the narrative tempts us to discover their backstories. However, this road to discovery and redemption is way too sluggish and stretched to be engaging. The ambiguity becomes exhausting beyond a point, leading to boredom.

A film of this nature deserved slicker action scenes as well, which is grossly missed. Drew Pearce’s ambition to infuse human emotions in this unsettling, and partially gory, crime thriller doesn’t really work. What you eventually get is a random mishmash of psychological horror and futuristic humane drama. Jodie Foster is brilliant as always. 

Overall, the film struggles with pace but one can still watch it for the unusual treatment and character portrayal. Only if the director could take it all further to a logical conclusion instead of targeting his movie for a niche, select film festival audience. 

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